onBoard - Collaborative Painting

onBoard is massive collaborative painting and drawing canvas where you can draw, sketch, paint, zoom, rotate, screenshot or post your drawing to facebook. See other users drawing live.

Use mouse drag (one finger on touch devices) to move canvas or zoom and drag buttons (two fingers on touch devices) to zoom and rotate. Zoom in to maximum and drawing tools will appear. Select your tool, choose size and color and draw the largest drawing the world has ever seen!

Anyone can draw anywhere in canvas, so please respect the work of other users and they will respect yours. Inappropriate content will be removed.

Application is developed in Adobe AIR, website flash version available on http://onboard.yoz.sk. Contact author (me) on jozefchutka@gmail.com. Read more about development and technologies in onBoard 2.0 - Massive Collaborative Painting & Drawing. Experiments with map api onBoard on OpenStreetMaps.

onBoard is available...

And yes, all versions share the same canvas and users (live p2p). Feel free to embed onBoard on your website:

<iframe src="http://onboard.yoz.sk/?x=0&y=0&scale=0.03125" width="100%" height="400" style="border:none"></iframe>

onBoard awards

onBoard user reviews

Adobe Mobile Challenge (September 18, 2011)
Now there's a true multiscreen application. Love that zou can also embed in your site... A really fun example of creative collaboration working across devices... I'm impressed by the technical architecture of this application. At the end, it's also a very nice online experience.
Great Free Playbook Sketching Apps (BlackBerry App World, July 26, 2011)
apart from the bug which made sketches on certain part of the screen disappear.. i think this is one of the best sketch application so far... appreciate if there is an option to increase the brush size in future versions
Very good idea (BlackBerry App World, July 15, 2011)
I like the idea of the shared canvas. The interface works pretty good as well. Anyone wondering about the very detailed drawings, while it might be possible on the tablet, they may have came from a user on a computer (with a mouse). I think I will keep this app around for a while to add as well as see what has been added.
Very cool app! (BlackBerry App World, June 11, 2011)
This app is like a giant shared canvas where you can be creative as well as seeing what others created. I'm not much of an artist myself but it was cool being able to scroll around and check out what others had made. It seems like all of the basic creative tools are there if you want to get a little creative of your own. Not sure if you're forced to only paint on giant shared canvas or if you can create something in your own space first. Cool concept! Check it out!
onBoard - endless realtime drawing board with P2P support (flashrealtime.com, October 21, 2010)
onBoard brings completely new look on social creativity. You start drawing something and someone finishes it and adds new ideas to that. The app is in it's beginnings and it's used by 500 people a day currently. It's also very optimized to run fluently on mobile devices. It uses mipmapping - depth of zoom like Google Maps.

onBoard in action